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Technology is supposed to be an enabler to 21st-century education especially for the poor but it is widening the gap between the "have" and "have not": the rich are getting more learning whereas the poor are excluded by access problems. Two resulting problems present giantly:

  • though we are unique
    with different abilities, different learning needs, different ideas
    technology is making it difficult to tailor learning to individuals and these differences in the 21st-century especially for the poor and at scale. For instance, it's very common to find an online class designed for thousands of learners taught the same way
    forcing everyone to learn the same thing, the same way.
  • learning is often dependent on technology instead of technology depending on learning. This is truer considering the majority of edtech focus more on technology instead of education and learning which consequently have led to serious engagement issues when it comes to technology and pedagogy. Unavoidably the right balance between quality, cost, personalization/customization, inclusion, availability, and access is often too difficult to find especially for people at the bottom of the pyramid.

It is therefore important to begin not just by focusing on deploying 21st-century technology to the poorer demographics but by deploying these technologies in the right balance with how people interact and learn with them. Fundamentally, can we deploy and leverage technology to provide personalized, engaging, affordable/free but yet top-quality, inclusive learning as well as online learning to those offline in real-time? To KISS it

DSTClass is an e-commerce platform for educational contents
most likely, the first offline global e-commerce. It is designed based on "Pedagogical Morpheme", the concept of delivering curriculum in small-sized chunks of class contents giving us the leverage to personalize and peer-style learning effectively and meaningfully at scale using Artificial Intelligence.

Our technology is a radio-technology which allows people without any internet to access and share online educational contents and communicate from their offline divide online in real-time.



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