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Dunia Designs-The Sustainable Design Co., is a one-stop-shop.We take your waste and make exceptionally designed furniture, accessories, construction products & more out of 80-90% upcycled plastic. We’ve taken over 500 tons of plastic waste out of the environment since our conception in 2016 & plan to increase that trajectory tenfold over the next 10 years. Virgin plastic production is growing and we know that unless we create a consumer market for recycled plastic products we will continue to drown in plastic. Our work involves extensively searching for new sources of waste plastic from individuals, industries & organisations. We then process this in our recycling machinery & use the plastic lumber to create anything from hard decking to couches & beanbags to handbags. We employ skilled admin & workmen & unskilled collection teams. We provide educational tours for students & our profits also benefit the community via school fees & our CACI (Collect & Create International) initiative. We are changing the way people consume from their original purchase or encounter with a plastic item, soon to become waste,then transformed into a second life designer product. We wish to franchise globally.



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