Durable Solutions to Refugees Affairs

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Durable Solutions to Refugees Affairs

Solution: Peace should be prioritized; institutions which advocate for peace needs to be empowered financially and with necessary resources (material, financial and human resources). Charity organization to provide legal assistance needs to be established and those already established empowered to give effective representation to those whose fundamental rights have been infringed. Legal assistance should include court representations or providing legal documents for refugees seeking asylums or jobs and/or admission into a country. Our network we are to establish should engage in the followings; For example, in Myanmar, the Government must be persuaded through a lobby group or any other pressure group in order to allow religious freedom. Pro bono service must be rendered to victims and their families; they must be represented in a court of law free of charge. We must make sure that their human rights are respected and protected. Child soldiers must be demobilized and reintegrated into the community and with a back to school support. Trafficking in women and children must be control by establishing networks tasked with giving durable solutions to the problems that cause trafficking. Women and young girls must be provided with necessary health education and health materials for their personal hygiene like sanitary pads, diapers, washing materials like plastic buckets, soaps etc. The network should invest heavily in manufacturing sanitary materials, sleeping and shelter materials, food stuffs and manufacturing water pumps for the refugees and if the network can’t engage in such activities, at least invest in an industry that produces such materials in order to subsidize such materials necessary for the displaced persons’ lives. Children displaced should not drop out because of language barrier; our network must bring them teachers. Our network should provide them with scholastic materials like books, exercise books, pens, school bags, qualified teachers and built schools for them. We have to establish a multiplayer network with mandates in legal, health, education and humanitarian assistance. It will have a headquarter in one country or region and sub- head office in each country or region which will be on alert to respond to any crisis that deserves our attention and action.  Hence, it will make services easily accessible to all the affect populations or individuals wherever they may be.  It is all about bringing services closer to those who need it most.




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