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Reinforcing, transforming and sustainable healthy food for all beingswith the preparation of the soil. Farmers and nutritionist will voluntarily has free session educating individual on crop rotation, cheap way to maintain balance diet etc. Our team will partner with hotels, restaurant and homeownerand place bin so the space food from vegetable and fruits can be recycle as compose for plants to provide natural nutrient for plants. With the aim of zero hunger, food security we will be partnering with local ministryto assist elderly or household income of 600us to step up home gardening. This initiatives will strength soci
economic and promote agriculture while wider collaboration across communities and house home gardening become hobby .However the impact of promoting such family will save money , priority their healthy, freshness of food being consume .

Healthy eats being with baby it is essential to provide the adequate nutrient supportfrom babies as young as four months for brain function and oval development. Sustainable and healthy food for all, as with our social mission mothers who are unable to breast feed their babies will be given 15 bottles free ofnaturally made baby food madefrom fresh vegetable and fruits. Zero hunger aim no one will be deprive from nutrient supportbase on race, sex or ethnicity. Furthermore person in neighborhood with has abandon of fruit tree that is utilized will be invited to donate their produce at a subsidy cost to local agro processing to be converted into fruits preserved that will be given to under privilege living in urban community.



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