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My project under innovation for inclusive trade is an ecommerce web app that uses the latest technologies in web development to improve its business model, its working environment is based on the supply chain management process outside the website with the web app serving as a frontend for the industrial and business system.

The name of this project is called “Convergeo”,it's main focus is to create an efficient web based virtual open market that can carter for any type of business, it is a progressive web application, is mobile and user friendly, supports SEO, is a single page application, uses charts, Google tools e.g. maps and focuses on five major sectors SPECS (Services, Events, Products, Clients, Supplies).

a. Clients and Supplies: business clients get to interact with suppliers (make orders, tenders, bids, quotations, etc. through the supply market) and make changes to their product/service/event prices, description, images, client settings and information.

b. PES: Clients manage on the client panel, but the products, services and events can be viewed by customers on the frontend web application, allowing purchases, reviews, rating, messaging etc.

The web application has three web applications namely:

i. The Front web app: This serves the customers only by allowing the business clients to have a business profile (products, services & events catalog) as well as advertise and showcase information about themselves.

ii. The Client web app: This serves the business clients, by allowing them to make changes to their PES and client information and provides them suppliers

iii. The Admin web app: This serves as a content management system, that manages all the information with regards to all three website and has a user role and permission system that lets certain administrators do certain roles.

This project gives local businesses room to grow and due to it been digitally based it also allows people nationwide to have access to the platform including those in rural places and can be easily replicated and scaled globally.



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