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Rural transformation and sustainable production is the critical stuff to address this problem. We can manipulate this problem by providing a minor concentration. If this problem would be available in our superiority list, then we can quickly be implementing the meaningful solution to resolve out this issue.

In this solution, we are addressing the general proceeding which faces the common man. Without understanding the fault, we can’t find out and discuss the answer to this problem. 

This solution is addressing the four influential proceedings which are as follows,

                     Development, production, sustainable connections, and empowerment.

Development in the field of health, education, and Environment --- ecological system would present sustainable empowerment. These developments would connect the farmers with up to date information’s, latest trends, and advanced procedures. It boosts the level of growth and production. Sustainable production can achieve at that moment when we would give the responsibility to gain a particular task under the specific umbrella.

Sustainable connections and empowerment play a suitable role to protect the production. So, establish the authentic digital market to spread Connection globally. For this purpose, development would make opportunities to empower more and more.

It’s a corridor of farmers to establish their authority to develop sustainable growth.  It’s a structure to bring the farmers into main-stream where everyone can experience and grow in the field of agriculture. Under this corridor, all the agriculture and farmers proceedings would perceive by creating small units or stations. According to this strategy, we would establish the industry to help and promote farmers. It’s an initiative to encourage the persons for making a farmer in their spare time. Every person of the universe would take part in the proceedings of production. The purpose of this corridor is to establish the authority of farmers where they can be conscious from the instructions, updates, key factors, needs, and advanced techniques. It’s also essential to establish the identity of farmers. Through this, we would gain the strength of agriculture. 

Why don’t peoples of cities want to take part in the field of agriculture and production? It’s a game of priority list to create a balance in b/w cities and rural. The Field of agriculture can make the backbone of the country economy if it gives and spreads the opportunities of empowerment. Therefore, development is the simplistic approach to establish industry and developed the connections globally. Freelancers can also operate under freelancing work shadow which mainly designed for freelancers. Freelancers would also take part in this industry to grow, develop, and engage better through saving the environment, production, and control the status quo factors. If we want to gain growth in the field of agriculture, adopt the corridor to implement the strategy of responsibilities where everyone could take part to do work and empowerment after training.  Freelancing is also the soundest opportunity to gain required work. This strategy can create a way to establish a Corridor of prosperity.



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