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Farmers around the world manage their farms with pen and paper or excel, spend weeks on paperwork or reports and lack a good overview of their farm. eAgronom is SaaS platform that covers the most important needs of farm management for farms over 100 ha. It provides farmers with a better overview to make data-driven, provides them tools to manage efficientlyand reduces the time needed generating reports to a single click.

We have case studies showing we save farmers tens to hundreds of thousands of Euros per year, save them hundreds of hours and have had a direct positive impact on the environment by avoiding unnecessary fertilisation or spraying rounds.

Our goal is to help farmers spend more time with their family, help them run their business more efficiently. Through farmers we helpthe entire world's environment and make our food healthier

We started 2 years ago, in 6 months we got to 70% of Estonian market. 2 years later we have over 800 000 hectares signed up in 9 countries, with half of them paid. Everybody knows the hardest thing about doing a startup in the farming business is reaching the farmers. We have found a way to solve this problem in a scalable and fast way.



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