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The Vessel that Cares-

A sustainable, effective, efficient product design solution for the issues regarding Container Planting. The design is simple universal to reach every human being born and yet to be born. Benefits of the product are not only to the users but also to the whole world. 

I am a Product Designer and this project was to build a vessel to reach balconies and urban spaces and to be helpful with easy maintains. It has a special ability of storing water and providing that stored water to the plant whenever the plant needs. The vessel provides best possible environment to the plant even in a very hot condition providing coolness through the design and the material.

The vessel will popularize urban gardening and tree maintaining.

The Solution will be re gardening the urban space with trees. It will create a bank of trees in the future and connect urban people with nature for better lives, better understanding and engaging in Environment protection. Some benefits will be Waste management, sustainable consumption and agriculture, slow living, healthy life styles.



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