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EarthFenders is a mobile game that will help learners understand the causes and consequences of climate change and empower them to take appropriate actions to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.Climate change has become a global concern over the last few decades. Because of the change in climate, temperatures have risen dramatically resulting in more floods, droughts, intense rain, heat waves, rising sea levels and extinction of animals. Human activities are irreversibly changing the environment in which society exists, requiring collective, immediate and profound action on climate change.

There are approximately 1 billion people threatened by climate change risks in the near future but also the same number of video gamers around the world. While the threat of climate change is immense, so is the potential of video games.

Given their interactive, iterative, and inspiring nature, digital games appeal to the human psychology in a way most other communication tools don’t and their impact on our brains far transcends the boundaries of the virtual world. With regards to climate change, games offer a safe environment to simulate the effects of everyday decisions and depict their long-term consequences.



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