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Our team, 25 Jobs Street, works on manufacturing different products that do not require high skills, and thus can afford thousands of job opportunities for unskilled young unemployed. Establishing this company was triggered by a shocking fact that we came across during our researches: Poor households face a trade-off between heating their homes and providing meals for their families, as they cannot afford both. Therefore, our very first product, eat&heat, is a medium-sized cylinder, with holes at the bottom, that can serve both as a stove and a heater. Instead of wood, our product will be accompanied by a more eco-friendly alternative: combustible blocks made of coffee waste, wax, and sugar that do not release toxic gas, and others made of olive pomace. Our head-quarter will be based in Tunis, but we will have a warehouse for coffee waste in nearly every governorate in Tunisia, permitting to people searching for jobs to join the project; their salaries will be based on collecting the coffee leftover from coffee stores, and on collecting olive pomace from farmers, providing us the raw material for our project. Our company works under a first come- first served basis, meaning that anyone who is willing to work, will receive training to be eligible to perform the required tasks. Once an employee, has at least one year of experience, he can, using the franchising concept operate under our name in another country, which will allow us to go global, in a huge step to minimize the unemployment across the MENA region and the world! 



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