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80%of total food in Kenya is produced by smallscale farmers,due to ineffective farming methods,use of low quality inputs ,production per unit area is mostly 80%lower than  potential.the least produced is of poor quality thus ends up in urban retail where it cause influx low prices&high wastage.farmers live in poverty.in rural villages90%of farmers are illiterate&lack practical farming skills.inua eazzyfarm  runs “farmers field practical agribusiness training  for rural smallscale farmers through a locally set commercial agribusiness demofarm where farmers learn all practical farming  aspects  from pre-production,seeds selection,fertilizer selection&application,crop management&marketing throughout the crop growing season.we lease the training land within a locality where all poor small scale farmers in the area can be able to access easily and provide inputs  required for effective production.farmers are aggregated into a group of 15 .after paying commitment fee,each aggregated group of farmers is assigned  one 3 hours training per week where they are trained practically about production  through out crop growing season which they can replicate on their farm.after harvest and from the yield of the demo units,we offer trained farmers groups with credit packs with all inputs to replicate the learnt skills which they repay after harvest as we move to train other farmers.



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