ECO Ash Brick

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We aim to cater

the three problems of industrial, air pollution and shortage of small housing units with one solution. We are aiming

to provide an eco-friendly and cost effective solution to the problem. Our solution utilizes a non-fired brick

technology which will help us to reduce the carbon footprint emissions from conventional brick kilns. Main

constituent of our brick is industrial waste which is usually dumped in the landfill. It will also help us to conserve the

earth from solid waste pollution.We are also adding value to the product in the following ways. As our product is

Cost effectiveLow water absorptionBetter insulation/less thermal conductivity High compressive strength.We will use a non-fired automated brick manufacturing plant with vibrator and hydraulic press machine for the

quality production of the bricks, means the brick will be non-sintered. The introduction of automation will not only

help us in the production capacity but also will help us to insure quality. Our product is 70-80 % sustainable and our

focus is to develop a product which is 100% environment friendly. At present, we are using lime as a binder for

our brick. But we are working on the development of a sustainable binder for the brick manufacturing process.

We have worked on two technologies like Geopolymers and alkali activation. These technologies could be a step

further towards sustainable development.



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