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Our technology that is dubbed microwave induced hydrolysis aim to produce clean and affordable cooking and lighting gas energy from plastics, papers and different forms of aluminium based food packages. We developed the technology as a result of health, environmental and climate challenges caused by poor disposal of plastic, papers and alluminium based food packaging. In an effort to protect food between processing and time it is used by the target consumers, companies do use various food packaging materials. This situation has led to environmental impact of the after-use food packaging waste because of improper waste management strategies especially in the developing countries. Currently, most of food and cosmetic packages are normally disposed in open water bodies such as rivers,lakes and oceans thereby affecting the  biodiversity of the different water bodies. In some instances, these wastes are disposed in an open field where they produce bad smell and even green house gases. 

Our team has therefore developed a technology known as microwave induced pyrolysis that can transform these waste into viable products. Our technology produces clean pyrolytic gas that is compressed in the conventional gas cylinders for use in cooking in low income households. This gas is also compressed in specialized lamps where they used in lighting. We also produce pyrolytic oil that is use as an alternative to diesel in generators that are used to generate electricity that power different businesses. 

So far, we have produced affordable cooking and lighting gas that is used by 300 households in Kenya. Additionally, the pyrolytic oil currently serves 30 businesses where it is used to power diesel based generators that produces electricity.



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