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Although food production has increased across the world, more than 800 million people remain hungry;and more than two billion suffer from micronutrient deficiencies – pressure on the natural resources is expected to rise as populations grow and demand for food increases,in the same time land depredation, limited amounts of natural resources,urbanization, and the raising concerns about environment , all will restrict reclaiming more land ,that will forceworld’sfarmers to produce more and more food from less and less land/natural resources,ECO belives that reducing post-harvest loss is the shortest and fastest way to combat hunger problem, however developing countries are in need for efficient specifically tailored technologies that are adaptable efficiently and economically in their local conditions, as existing traditional methods proved inefficiency ..

the problems:-

  • small holder farmers:
    when wholesale crops prices crash to a less level than cost of transport, farmer is forced to leave his crops in fields as a fertilizer, sell it immediately at loss at farm gate before rot can be occurred ,or using it as very costly animal feed, that leads to great loss for his income, and many of natural resources ,while harming environment, due to greenhouse gases emission from waste crops, the problem is going to be increased due to continues increase in fuel prices, the only alternative , profitable option is to process perishable crops immediately after harvest at farm level to extend their shelf life, for later sell, however appropriate tools are not available
  • Unemployed:-Egypt suffers of high rate of unemployment CAPMAS estimates 3.503 million unemployed Egyptian in the first quarter of 2017, 79% are youth, the problem increases in rural areas where women suffer of social norms that prevent them from working outside their homes and villages that increases the need for in-house income creation opportunities specifically in rural communities
  • Low income families:-food prices in Egypt jumped by up to 40% last year 2017 to exceed purchasing power of many Egyptian families, who also suffer of food traders manipulation of food prices, tomato price for example used to jump from just one LE to up to 12 LE, on the other hand many of middle class families (33 million Egyptian) became aware about the disadvantages of chemical preservatives in processed food, thus prefer to process food at home level to insure safety, and reduce cost.

Despite food dehydrators can formsolutionfor aforementioned problems; ECO noticed a huge potential need and wide market gap of food dehydrators industry in Egypt, Africa, and Arab countries, thus it committed to turn both into profitable and successful business opportunity

ECO committed to build the first industrial base, a rapidly growing empire, and a reputable brand name in food dehydrators industry in Egypt, Africa, and Arab countries while expanding its position to global markets, it committed to provide top quality food dehydrators that based on next generation technologies, can compete aggressively in both of blue and red oceans markets, and can create extraordinary value for its customers, employee and investors

the solution :-ECO with the technical and financial support of both of EU/UNIDO Switch Med incubation regional program and Maser El Kheir innovating for a cause national incubation program managed to manufacture 3 models of innovative food dehydrators , that can serve on family, small, medium and large commercial scales , ECO products granted a patent from Egypt academy for scientific research and technology, specifically tailored to serve efficiently and economically in local conditions of developing countries, with many of new technical advantages, to help farmers turning crops surplus that usually go to waste into long shelf life , high value fruit powdered drinks, fruit dehydrated crisps, and tomato sauce powder in just hours, with top quality that meet with international market quality standards, ECO also can reduce crops bulk and weight by up to 20 times for cheaper transport and storage, thus ECO can considerably contribute in increasing farmers income, and food security, enabling them to access high value distance market, and compete in international markets, ECO can help families to reduce food expenses , bridge the gap of nutrient supply , to avoid traders manipulation of food prices, and prepare healthy nutritious food for their children by dehydrating fruits and vegetables in low price harvest season to be consumed in high price off season , it can offer in-house income creation opportunity for rural women and unemployed , that meet with their social norms , while preserving environment , and many of natural resources as water , land , fertilizers, and energy that go to produce food that no one consumes, ECO granted many awards from UNDP, Austria, Nigeria, UK, Brussels,EU,Egypt ----



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