Eco-Friendly, Income Generating Subutai Blockchain Router

About Solution

OptDyn is proud to present the Subutai Blockchain Router —a multi-purpose, advanced “green” broadband router that also serves as the world’s most flexible and energy-efficient cryptocurrency mining device. The groundbreaking Router enables users to immediately earn an ongoing passive income with plug-and-play simplicity and no technical know-how needed.

Six years in the making, the Subutai Blockchain Router features defense-grade security, compatibility and customization with smart-home devices, and a built-in cryptocurrency hardware wallet. In its full configuration, the Router provides users the opportunity to earn ~$100 USD per month (at current depressed rates). Drawing just 60 watts, the Subutai Blockchain Router is 1,000-2,000%+ more efficient over traditional GPU-based cryptocurrency mining devices —a critically important consideration in today’s energy-aware environment.

Users have the opportunity to earn additional passive income by securely renting idle compute resources: when combined with mining, users can earn ~$200-250 USD each month.

OptDyn is working with partners such as GEM (Green Ethical Mining) Network, telecommunications companies (telcos), and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to license, manufacture, and distribute the Router world-wide. The Router is ready to enter manufacturing at scale today.



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