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Our goal is to give hope to the hopeless. We start with the individuals, then within the tribe, then between the tribes and then the whole humanity and our mother Earth.

The video above was from 2014 and a lot more has been accomplished. It is the proof and an example of that if the unprivileged people are believed in and given a chance to heal themselves; magic will happen.

These people have been excluded and ignored as humans and a part of humanity. Our mission is to make poverty disappear and build a community that its members are empowered and encouraged to grow and serve and feel productive. Once they see their impacts acknowledged, they get more self-motivated and perpetually seek to serve their community.

This is the mission done so far. Our vision is to scale this and open new communities in every rural society until we see no gap between the people. Our goal is to implant a system in which no one is ignored and no one is excluded. We are working towards that goal and our dream is to make humanity one big family tribe.

By building new sustainable and self-sufficient Eco-urban communities, within the rural societies, they don't have to desperately go after supply chain. Instead, the global market will be drawn automatically to these communities based on their particular strategic advantages. These communities will become the global allies and branches of each other and will support each other's growth and establishment.

This self-sufficiency covers the most crucial aspects of the members' lives; such as education, housing, health and medical services, education and skill learnings, entertainment and etc.

By your support; we will be able to implement this system in all corners of the world and make the injustice, poverty, prejudice, the conflicts and the feelings of separateness disappear. Together we can implant and establish a new order and hope for all.

Thank you,

Shahab Moradi



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