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Chile has a population of 18million, and many people now live in cities and towns. This demographic shift has meant a change in lifestyles and consumption, resulting in growth of plastic items consumed and waste plastics generated. While some waste plastic is recycled ( less than 8%) the majority is disposed of in an uncontrolled manner, often leaking into the natural environment, waterways, and rivers.

Many people want to make changes to live more sustainably, but the high cost of environmentally friendly products are prohibitive to many people in Chile. Those living in rural areas also do not have access to sustainable products or refill options.

EcoCarga wants to improve lives by reducing the cost of cleaning products with solutions that are efficient and environmentally conscious reducing the use of single-use plastic containers. In EcoCarga consumers save the cost of the product and together we save plastic to the planet.

Specifically, EcoCarga addresses the challenge in two fronts:Promoting the sustainable use of materials and resources in infrastructure &Reducing and eliminating the consumption and waste of plastic goods, especially single-use plastics

EcoCarga, since it´s conception, has generated a positive impact across the community offering the possibility of acting against climate change from each home without the need to sacrifice the quality of the product or the savings. To the planet, as we are working to educate and minimize the use of single use plastics, educating the habit of re-usage. To other companies as we are innovating in the way of manufacturing and handleling logistics for cleaning products.



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