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Industry and transport make people's lives better, but make the air of the cities worse. The real solution is industry and transport that is not polluting. At the moment, this is not the case, and cities' air are always getting worse. Our idea is a very simple technology that cleans the polluted air. We've been using this material for a cigarette filter for 10 years, but just have thought we might be able to clean the city air too, because the European Union already supports such developments. Our technology is much simplier, the situation in Europe is not the worst, so we would be happy to help anywhere in the world, where it is necessary.More information:


I am an inventor. How every inventor I have problem about lenguage enlish and information technic, demonstration in internet.

But I hope someon will anderstand becouse this solution not a perpetum bobille or others inability. I think the world at the moment needs easy solutions what are feasible. I hope mr Mohammed Bin Rashid thinks so too. We help each other. I alredy got help becouse this possissibility is that too.




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