Ecofrost - Solar Cold Room

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Marketplace glut is a common scenario during the harvest season and due to inadequate infrastructure and non availability of a preservation solution, a farmer's produce can neither be stored nor sent to farther market, leading to wastage and poor price for their produce.

With pre-cooling and staging solutions like that of Ecozen Solar Cold Room (Ecofrost), a farmer can extend his produce’s shelf-life, reach the right market at the right time, send the produce to farther markets and get a better price. As our solution is powered by renewable energy, we are focusing on energy deprived regions.

We have also installed our system in agricultural produce markets, where farmers and vendors can keep their left over commodity at the end of the day to retain freshness and use it in following days. Ecofrost helps them to reduce the wastage and increase their income. By switching to a sustainable solution in these energy deprived area, Ecofrost has helped the farmers to decrease wastage by 20% and increase their income by 50% and in some cases even 100% percent or more.

Ecofrost has proven its utility at Flower Mandi where a group of farmers collectively installed an Ecofrost solar cold room and used it for storing flowers. What started as a pilot project turned out to be a highly rewarding and paved way for our ‘Mandi’ Model, wherein a group of farmers come together and buy the solar cold room. For a nominal charge of Rs.1/kg, a farmer can access the cold room in his locality. We have recently introduced the ' Mandi model' at the Baramati Mandi where the farmers and traders are using the product.

The farmers may not require a cold storage for the entire year, so we introduced a Lease model, wherein farmers can lease an Ecofrost during the harvest season. Since Ecofrost runs on solar power and incurs minimum operational and maintenance cost, it is a sustainable solution for farmers in electricity deprived areas.

With Ecofrost, 3500 MT commodity wastage has been saved and 17000 MT perishables have also been served till date. We have also been able to generate 35.4 MN kWh of clean energy per year.



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