EcoG - monetization engine for public EV charging

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EcoG is transforming an EV charging station from short-lived mass product to sustainable multi-purpose devices that enable new businesses. Nowadays, EV charging is not a profitable business, as the payments can be based only on the transfer of energy, and the charging industry is highly fragmented and does not scale. As a result, charging stations are using case-specific hardware. This requires specific software and causes integration struggles making it extremely expensive to develop value-adding services and commercialising EV charging.EcoG provides open API which enables easy programming and integration of own microservices. As a result, EcoG is a solution which makes it possible to build a viable business model out of EV charging and incentivises businesses to provide chargers on their premises, and through that easing the switch to electric vehicles.Also, one of EcoG services
EV IXIST enables installing chargers in already existing electrical installation
it reduces resources needed for grid infrastructure adaptation for e-mobility through smart integration.



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