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Ecological Food Caterpillars Company tackles the specific problem of young and indigenous women living in groups bordering the Itomwe Natural Reserve, 65% of whose forests are over-exploited and degraded in Mwenga territory, including climatic disturbances which have a direct impact on indigenous populations of Mwenga since the indigenous youth and women of Mwenga were engaged in research activities on edible caterpillars and other forest products in the Itombwe Nature Reserve in South Kivu. They are particularly disadvantaged insofar as the forest constitutes the basis of their livelihoods and the practices that defined their identity, which means that they are forced to fall back on community forests which are unfortunately over-exploited, degraded and devoid of the biodiversity that supported the indigenous families in which the rate of malnutrition is 68% in women and children under 5 years and whose edible caterpillars also constitute a source of income for the young people and women of Mwenga in the east of the Republic Democratic of the Congo.

  • Ecological Food Caterpillars Company is a solution adapted to the problem of deforestation caused by uncontrolled logging to the disadvantage of the young and indigenous women who depend on these forest products, food insecurity, climatic disturbances and the accentuation of poverty in the villages bordering the Itombwe Natural Reserve, whose forests are over-exploited and degraded in Mwenga.
  • This project aims to restore the biodiversity of community forests by planting and rationally managing host trees of edible caterpillars as a food product and source of income for indigenous youth and women in Mwenga.
  • In terms of local indigenous innovation, planted trees is a climatic solution for humanity and whose edible caterpillars from trees planted as a food product on the one hand alleviates food insecurity, and d on the other hand to create a source of income for the young and indigenous women of Mwenga.
  • This project is unique because it intends to improve the availability and accessibility of ecological edible caterpillars to fight malnutrition in rural households and improve the socio-economic conditions of young and indigenous women in Mwenga in DR Congo.



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