Economic and sustainable A/C

About Solution

Many places in different countries not reach general electricity grid, so many people not get refrigeration and cool air. Desert A/C is economic in consume electricity, but it has some disadvantage : 

1- Not suitable for wet areas.

2- consume large amount of water.

3- Not portable.

I have idea to improve desert A/C so it can be used in wet areas , economic in water consumption and portable .

It can use only 20% of electricity of split A/C , and small amount of water, so no need to attached to a permenant source of water, so it's portable, and it not uses clc gas,so it's sustainable .

Because of it's economic consumption of electricity, it can use solar energy to operate it. So in areas where no electricity grid, or electricity cut off for long hours, or people can't operate A/C whole the day because it's bill, where A/C's represent 60% of electricity bill, they can use this  economic A/C operated by solar energy.

It can uses in houses, offices, schools and hospitals to refrigrate patients room, instruments and medicines.



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