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Over 30million tons of solid waste is being generated annually in Nigeria and millions of naira spent on waste management projects, still poor people in the rural areas fall sick without being able to cater for their hospital bills, 13.2 million children are still out of school and school absentism rate drops by 40% each term because children from poor homes can not afford school bags and other school materials. Hence, ECOO bags is aimed at providing every child in Nigeria access to eco-friendly schoolbags. ECOO bags are made out of reused waste materials and made affordable for children in the rural communities thereby increasing school enrolment and reducing waste in landfills and encouraging better use of our lands. 

We would partner with humanitarians to get these school bags to children in communities unreachable by that we would reach over 50% of our target youth and children

ECOO bags reduce the production of plastic bags.

ECOO bags replaces harmful gases present in leather bags and does not produce such gas as methane that kills children.

ECOO bags eliminates landfills and provides opportunity for our lands to be properly utilized for farming, housing, recreation etc



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