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EcoPlastile is a social enterprise established to tackle the challenge of post-consumer waste pollution, deforestation and climate change whilst improving access to medical services using plastic waste as a financial resource.

Working with especially marginalized youths and women to collect post-consumer waste plastics and agricultural waste we upcycle and transform plastic into aesthetic, durable, low cost and environmentally friendly plastic lumber, poles, and tiles that replaces expensive wooden timbers.

In addition to providing a solid waste management solution for the country, we provide an alternative to timber thus saving our forests and further mitigate climate change. The posts are 6 to 10 ft in length, circular, 2 – 4 inches diameter, or square, 2 – 4 inches cross-section. They do not rot, are termite resistant, outlast timber in application and can be cut, drilled and nailed as easily as timber. The posts are suitable for fencing on farms, homes, national parks, game reserves and commercial premises such as cattle ranches and tourist resorts. They can also be used as support beams for houses, assembled to make furniture, cow sheds and garages among other applications, just to help the building and construction industry to stop dependency on wood.

Our solution solves climate change challenge through the following strategies;

Withdrawn over 150 tons of plastics to date permanently, with over 1 million tons of post-consumer plastic wastes plus agricultural wastes to be upcycled in 3 years

This will reduce the need for more landfills and its associated negative effects. Reducing deforestation by recycling plastics into an alternative to wooden timbers!, adopting a mature red cedar tree for every 25 plastic lumbers sold.

Mitigating climate change effects by preserving our forests that act as carbon sinks and water catchment areas and reduced wood dependency. Forests act as water catchment areas and carbon sinks by removing CO2 from the atmosphere hence, by providing an alternative to timber would mean reduced deforestation thus mitigating climate change. Our Plan is for this year to withdraw over 1 million kilograms of plastic from the environment and use them to manufacture plastic lumber and save an estimated 250 acres of forest (based on calculations by the Canadian Forestry Association). This will save 2.5 kg CO2/kg of plastic hence we will be preventing over 2,500,000 kg of CO2 emissions further mitigating climate change.

Waste Medical Insurance Scheme: over 200 households benefiting and over 1000 in the next 5 years, will benefit from this program by using plastic and agricultural wastes as a form of financial resource. Households and slum dwellers will access health services in exchange for their regular supply of plastic and agricultural wastes. This will support vulnerable to access medical services that previously couldn’t thus promoting social status. Our strategy is to create economic value on plastic at the points of generation, in this way, no plastic will find its way to the streets and oceans.



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