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EcoSlips is our solution to reduce paper waste and protect the environment in a sustainable manner.

Billions of receipts are printed on a daily basis.

The impact on the environment is staggering, because all those slips eventually end up in dustbins, rivers and rubbish dumps.

Paper slips that are chemically treated and thermally printed cause permanent damage to the environment. Many consumers throw away their slips immediately after it is received and governments spend millions cleaning up the rubbish that could’ve been avoided in the first place.

Paper production is also one of the largest contributors to deforestation.

The entire world is concerned and looking for solutions to go green and protect natural resources.

Forward thinking countries such as Dubai already embarked on a “Paperless Strategy” to get rid of paper.


Instead of printing billions of transaction slips, we will make it digital.

Retailers are wasting millions when printing transaction slips on paper – it therefore also makes sense from a business perspective to go digital.

EcoSlips could literally save them millions.

The system will reduce paper waste, there will be less pollution and more money for things that really matter.

We can provide a solution that becomes self-sustainable in a relative short period of time and it will have a tremendous positive impact on the environment, on a global scale!



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