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Ecovon believe that there is a better way of making building materials. That is why we arefocusing our energy on completely rethinking and re-designing how the new generation ofbuilding materials is made.Ecovon will bring the first non-additive, bio-based, renewable wood product to market which is naturally flame retardant and anti-fungal without added binders (glues). The physical propertiesare better than comparable engineered woods on the market currently, all which use additivesand heavy chemicals to reach additional flame retardant properties while reducing our CO2footprint, deforestation and enriching the lives of locals in coconut and sugarcane producingdeveloping countries such as Ghana. The board material has been shown to exhibit excellentproperties, which are comparable with or even superior to commercial wood based panels. Ourproduct is stronger and more durable, priced considerably less, and greener.

The use of coconut husks for the production of board material has a number of advantages:
The method is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The residual material of the coconut is used in its entirety. It is a good alternative to wood and helps to prevent deforestation. During production, glue and chemical agents do not need to be added. Furthermore, the production is CO2 neutral.
It is inexpensive. The glue that has to be added when boards based on wood fibre are made contributes to one third of the total production costs. Glue is not required to process coconut husk into board material.
It can form an extra source of income for farmers in developing countries.

UNIQUE VALUE PREPOSITION1. Cost: Reduced costs of materials, logistics, installation and recycling2. Performance: Greater strength, durability and designability, frame retardant, anti-fungiproperties over traditional materials3. Circular Economy: Uniquely reduces waste and increase recyclability4. Material Health: Does not emit harmful urea formaldehyde nor contain toxic binders or glues



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