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Leading Globally in Unity and in Progress" through: EDIBLE GREENS - MICRO, BUILD, GROW PROJECTS (Dream Big - Starts Small) an advocate for Rural Transformation and Zero Hunger Initiatives. I believe that innovations is not only through invention of new materials, equipment, products and digital system that can be used as a solution to a problem. Farmers in rural areas and less developed countries can increase food and cash crop yields through innovations which can also be an invention through creation and redesign of a system adaptation to change of practice from the old traditional ways into a new modern practice of business farming by building agriculture production of higher yields with less land, water, and labor inputs that protect our natural resources and help in the growth of our economy for better place in our future. To upgrade the lifestyle and quality of living of every humanity that contributes environmental impact through change practice performance of each individual and every humanity on their daily routine of living. An Edible Greens - Micro, Build, Grow Projects for a healthy humanity, wealthy lifestyle, quality of living, and community that is environmental friendly. Improve coordination within the value chain of rural farmers, which supports food production, reduces post-harvest losses, and facilities market access, in favor of farmers increase access to such agricultural farming technologies and system, that will escalate into the national improvement and development that can be adopted by each and every country in all Asia and Globally Worldwide. Therefore:  Implementation of this innovative framework for creating sustainable way of living by developing innovative success, sustainable development, and learning programs for rural transformation into a healthy humanity, wealthy lifestyle, quality of living, community that is environmental friendly, socially and economically progressive to Create, Solve and Redesign of a system adaptation to change of practice through "THE HUMANITARIAN PROJECT:  EDIBLE GREENS - MICRO, BUILD, GROW (DREAM BIG - STARTS SMALL) PROJECTS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, AN ADVOCATE FOR RURAL TRANSFORMATION AND ZERO HUNGER INITIATIVES. Improve coordination of implementation and improvements in every rural area's municipality that will escalate into the regional and national improvement and development by each and every country globally for vulnerable populations especially women and children to resolved hunger and poverty.



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