Edible Munch Bowls and Cutlery

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The edible products are 100% natural, vegan and Halal. They were designed to be used to achieve two objectives, firstly they would be an alternative to plastic and polystyrene food containers and cutlery. Secondly, these edible products are a high source of fibre and contain vitamins and antioxidants which makes a wholesome and nutritious. As plastic ware is creating a significant global challenge in terms of pollution, waste, use of raw materials at unprecedented rates and an overall impact on climate change. The lack of policy and duty of care towards the environment has dire consequences for future generations if we collectively don't start to address our environmental sustainability.  Many nations are searching for suitable solutions that can be implemented immediately and where there is minimal impact on the environment. If the customer chooses not to eat the edible bowl, then it can easily be disposed of into the garden as it is totally biodegradable within a month. The use of the edible food bowls and cutlery will pave the way for Governments, Hospitality, Tourism and Food aid sectors to be early adopters of the edible products and cement their commitment to reducing climate impact. As the design of the bowls and cutlery has taken the consumer into account, in terms of thickness of bowl, the integrity of being able to hold hot and cold liquids or foods for up to five hours, being able to place in microwave or oven and the long shelf life, taste and colour make it a viable alternative to use to serve meals and eat your meals. Our business is a green product value chain business, hence the packaging is also using biodegradable or recyclable packaging so that the products are seen as green. Thes edible products are a simple and effective solution to addressing our global plastic, hunger and pollution challenges. Using these edible products on airlines, cruise liners, and in large feeding schemes, the plastic can easily be eliminated and climate change can be significantly changed positively. 



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