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Edu-Toons is one-half of the educational solution named “Edu-Toons and Edu-Games”. Edu-Toons are primary school educational cartoons that animate traditional class lessons for children and are based on several contributions from teachers with different backgrounds and teaching experiences, such that better and collaborative teaching is delivered per lesson and actual learning is ensured. Displaced children come from various backgrounds and nationalities and their educational needs vary. Edu-Toons will make use of different input from different teachers to incorporate different teaching approaches into a single lesson. This is to ensure that averagely, pupils from any nationality or background can relate with the animated classes and learn; with or without a teacher's assistance. Edu-Toons will be designed on demand, in both official and indigenous languages to break down learning barriers caused by language differences.The animations will be done with characters the children can easily relate with (family and friends) and the messages will teach indigenous values alongside the school subject/topic (this is to ensure that the displaced children still value their cultural heritage). For instance, our animation prototype on fractions encourages children to eat healthy by eating fruits and even celebrating an imaginary "Eat Fruits Day". Edu-Toons will be addressing the challenges of limited educational access faced by displaced children by making the animated class lessons available via community visits by the Edu-Toons' Team to the Displaced People's Camp or by exploring other platforms via collaboration with the media (cartoon channels, DVDs or the internet, using phones or computers). The Edu-Toons Team will comprise predominantly ofteachers and translators. Edu-Toons can be accessed anytime and anywhere using any device. Edu-Toons will also ensure that displaced children get education even though they are not yet enrolled in schools, thus reducing illiteracy and innumeracy, among them. Edu-Toons can reach a large number of children at the same time (using projectors) and the content can be used over and over again to teach. Edu-Toons will use songs and rap music (both in official and indigenous languages) to get children's attention and help them learn in fun ways. Furthermore, Edu-Toons will address the absence of learning aids faced by displaced children such as textbooks because it will incorporate textbook-like characters and content in its presentation to children. Edu-Toons therefore can support learning by displaced children without necessarily using textbooks or being within the four walls of a school.



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