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As stated in this challenge, half of refugee children (about 7.4 million) do not attend primary education. As consequence, they are socially excluded due to the lack of educational and social skills. Our solution addresses this challenge because it is a contribution to reduction of barriers to education and skills development of refugee children. This solution will contribute to increasing of educational opportunities for these children by producing low cost educational resources and providing cheap educational services inserted in the development of social, numeracy and literacy skills. To do so, we designed this solution nurtured by the pretension of achieving the following objectives:

·         Develop social, numeracy and literacy skills of refugee children, and

·         Produce teaching resources to development of social, literacy and numeracy skills.

Our project will last seven months. The first stage will be the selection of potential beneficiaries (children aged 5-10) in accommodation centres. After the completion of this process, we will implement the following activities:

i.                    Production of teaching material. We will produce teaching resources from recycled material: wood, plastic, cotton, glass and iron. We will also produce teaching material using low cost material: wires and clay. There will be involved project members, beneficiaries, volunteers from Faculty of Languages Sciences (Pedagogical University) and Teachers Training Institute of Maluana. This activity will last one month and its main objective is to allow the availability of teaching resources either for students or for the facilitators resources;  

ii.                  Training sessions. After developing teaching material, we will conduct 90 training sessions. There will be made up of (6) classes of forty children each. These sessions will be conducted by project members and volunteers referred to above. These sections will last six (6) months and will aim at developing numeracy and literacy skills of our target population.



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