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EduPoint is built on a unified and a robust technological backbone. Our web application is built with Django Python. We use other advanced technologies like ReactJS, Docker, GraphQL, JQuery, NodeJS and Progressive Web Apps which allows for fast deployment of solution that is very scalable across different platforms and users, and accessible to teachers and students in rural and urban communities even under low internet connectivity. We recently incorporated Artificial Intelligence to improve the process of matching students with the right option of teachers and optimizing the learning experience for students and teachers.We also offer a low-cost affordable and high quality educational services with a high costumer-centrism. We have maintained a 80-95% customer retention rate by offering professional customer service that's focusing on achieving higher learning outcomes. Our vision is to build Africa's largest and most trusted peer-to-peer learning platform which helps millions of Africans significantly achieve their learning goals in almost any area of interest; while also creating a source of income and training for thousands of teachers across Africa.



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