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The College Gig event/programme is a grassroot project aimed at creating a learning environment organized around games and entertainment. This has a positive effect on student’s attitudes towards learning (Edutainment), and the role of Open and Distance Learning in facilitating the Education For All Movement (EFA) are all paramount to College Gig. There are numerous specific educative and entertaining initiatives that have been included with the support of volunteers and participants

The College Gig in lieu of its Short and long term objectives have developed  an Edutainment (Educational Entertainment) event  made up of the following activities in the event cycle:

·         Football, basketball,  Chess,Pageantry  Music and dance , Poetry and spoken word,Science and art competition,Scrabble .The College Gig also has 2 program areas which include the following:   Technical  Vocational Education and training ,    Documentary session



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