Efficacious Organic fertilizers for Kenya

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Farmers in Kenya complain of steadily declining returns per unit area from farming. Incidences of pests and diseases such as the fall army worm and stalk borer are also on the rise. Presently, the soils in Kenya are highly acidic and therefore barren. Continuous use of conventional or chemical fertilizer usage has rendered the soil acidic. Acidity in the soil destroys the soil microorganisms and reduces plant food intake. Decreased soil micro flora decreases soil microbial dynamism and increases the survival of disease causing pathogens.

Our Value Proposition is that we make Organic farming the only way to farm. We make it the more productive, more sustainable, equally convenient and cost effective farming alternative.

Since it was founded on 2008, Rutuba has mobilized farmers across Trans-Nzoia district to transform their agricultural practices, and provided a solution to rehabilitate damaged/exhausted soils and to address declining agricultural productivity, which are key to meeting the region’s challenges over the next two decades. Additionally, Kitale Municipality has recognized Rutuba intervention in waste management and has approached us to be a preferred waste management partner.



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