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Hello, we are a group of entrepreneurs and own initiatives in the South of Brazil (RS Estate), and for more than a year we have been working on a grandiose project to start an Independent Social Management Institution, to join this institution to our existing projects in the areas of social inclusion and sustainable food production on small farms in urban areas. We operate in communities of poor children and families in our city Campo Bom / RS / Brazil (education, sports and culture, and small sustainable plantations in these same poor urban areas). We want to open our own Institution to study and support management and organization, and to help with resources in the future, our and all projects in the state that work with causes of social inclusion, food production for needy families, fight against poverty and inequality, and also in favor of a more sustainable and just world for all. In this same institution we will also have a Study Center for immigrants, to help them and give them support when they arrive in Brazil. We have a lot of land space in our country and a relatively small population, and many natural resources, in short, Brazil is a country friendly to everyone, always have space for any nationality or religion. So we need support to develop our social projects, and most important, our Institute of Social Management, where in this Institute we will be well organized for the challenges of this increasingly unequal world. Also later, in this institute, we will be supervising politicians with a technology application, where we can have quick answers to create solutions for the government in politics and in several areas that the rulers can not create or manage, or have an efficient control. We also believe that the evils and this increasing inequality in the world come from or are directly related to corruption. Brazil is today one of the greatest powers in the world in everything, but also the country with the lowest number of good managers and also with widespread corruption. We know that the changes will not come from our politicians, but from people who really want to make a transformation in society with serious work. We need to work with the best management technologies that exist today to succeed in our work. We want to bring innovations in social management, and improve the weak management that already exists in various areas of Brazilian society. We will act in many areas, such as social projects for children and poor families, sustainable food production in poor urban areas, and other areas of society where we live and need help. In short, we will be an Institute of Administration and Studies for these areas that I mentioned, but we will need the latest IT tools and technologies for our projects and studies. We need to find partnerships and ideas to develop our projects and objectives, and to create our strong and high quality Social Management Institute to grow and to have credibility. We will be an Institute to also look at and develop very young children in our projects, children with great sensitivity and intelligence, to teach them and direct them to be the new leaders in our society in the future. Let us join in the Institute all our projects and projects that exist today in different areas, which are for the good of all, for a less unequal and more sustainable world. We want to give a great Management to all through our Institute, and with a technological system that will be fully integrated with all projects. Let's map them and have them in our system, then study them, understand them, and help them with Management and Resources. Our focus is Efficient Management For Our Society.  We do not know today in Brazil something similar to our project, and we are absolutely sure that when we implement and have our Institute of Social Management, we will really make a lot more difference in our projects already underway with hundreds of families, in the lives of thousands more of other poor families and children, in the lives of thousands of immigrants who arrive and who will arrive more and more in our country and are not well attended, and in the life of society in general we will also achieve a great transformation. We are a group of leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs and thinkers, new and hungry for a profound change in our society, in everything. We are sure that together we will do something new and great in our society. We want to know if our idea fits and we would be very happy to hear from you, thank you very much.



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