EFLUSH (Environmentally Friendly Urban Sanitation and Hygiene)

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We construct and operate fee paying public toilets in high-density and low-income commercial areas. The plan is to build THREE fee paying public toilets in commercial hubs that are economic trading places to displaced people at a subsidized fee.

Zambia is home to over 77000 people of concern (refugees and asylum seekers) who are spread in three refugee settlements; Mayukwayukwa in Western Province; Meheba in North Western Province; Mantapala in Luapula Province.

Placing clean, safe and affordable improved sanitation facilities in these hubs has the following benefits;

Access to improved sanitation reduces exposure to faecal contaminationfromopen defecation. This reduces the risk of contracting degrading diseases like cholera which are prevalent in Zambia particularly during the rainy season. These diseases weakenthe potential that displaced people have to be productiveand this perpetuates the poverty cycle.

Second, studies have revealed that most women who are menstruatingwill abscond their trading activitiesdue to lack of adequate facilities from which they can manage their situation. This in turn reduces the amount of income earned which in turn encourages the notable gender wealth gap. Our service reduces the amount of time women abscond trading because a safe and adequate facility is available to cater totheirmenstrual health needs. Also, access to improved sanitationpromotes dignity and boosts safety of people, particularly among women and girls. This in turn contributes to a more conscious and active involvement in productive activities.

Third, we sellundergroundsourced water. This increases access to clean water in trading places, which in turn reduces the health risks that come from inadequate water supply.

Lastly, body and toilet products (inc. menstrual pads) available for sale at out facility also increase the access of the community to affordable and quality products that enhance the health and eventual health of the community.



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