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According to the UN, the number of Venezuelan leaving their country reached 4 million people. Their integration in neighboring countries involves risks related to access to services, security, xenophobia and potential conflicts with host communities.

In this context, it is difficult to gather reliable, relevant and updated data to support decision-making by duty bearers, civil society organizations and international community actors. Thus, it hinders the implementation of public policies, humanitarian responses and development programs.

Eirene Data4Peace offers a risk information-gathering and analyzing software, improving decision making to both, public entities, civil society and international actors.

It collects information from the local level in a simple and orderly way; collect relevant open source data; contrast and validate the information gathered with users at the community-level, and organizes the information, enabling better decision making by: i) Identifying key factors of conflict that may arise in a given context. ii) Predicting its outbreaks

Furthermore, our solution increase participation and empowerment of migrants, host community-based actors, as well as the transparency and accountability of decision-makers.



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