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WE BELIEVE DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES HAVE NOT BEEN USED TO EVEN A FRACTION OF THEIR FULL POTENTIAL IN EDUCATION. This is a HUGE missed opportunity. Past ICT interventions have not tapped dramatic recent advances in technology and cognitive science 

OUR TURNKEY DIGITAL LEARNING SOLUTION LEVERAGES THESE ADVANCES to provide functional literacy to the most underserved communities in a scalable and cost-effective fashion 

WE USE THE WORLD’S BEST EDUCATION GAMES DEPLOYED ON LOW COST ANDROID TABLETS to teach K-5 English, Math & a local language. Games are designed for self-learning so kids don’t depend on qualified teachers. They are highly engaging, provide instant feedback and use reward incentives to motivate kids

OUR PROGRAM CAN BE DEPLOYED IN FORMAL AND INFORMAL SETTINGS Model is “portable” in case of emergency situations; for e.g. if learning centers are not available due to inclement weather or due to further displacement of camps, the model can “travel”, enabling facilitators to flexibly gather groups of children in other locations or in their homes and very easily set up a classroom in an informal setting. 

IT IS DESIGNED FOR RAPID AND MASSIVE SCALABILITY and requires minimal sophistication to operate. Our program is run by a “facilitator” who can be trained in 5 days

WE ONLY WORK WITH ESTABLISHED PLAYERS IN EDUCATION (e.g. some of our partners run 1000+ schools). Hence, our program requires limited capital investment, as we leverage existing infrastructure and resources

A KEY PART OF OUR PROGRAM IS STRONG GOVERNANCE/EXECUTION MECHANISMS. Progress is monitored weekly using dashboards. We collect engagement and progress data in real-time to assess student learning gaps so facilitators can remediate fast




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