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In a bid to clean up emissions, cities around the world are either banning petrol-powered vehicles from city centers or making the ownership of an electric vehicle (EV) attractive enough to cause even fleet operators to make a shift to EV's. While certainly an excellent solution from an emissions standpoint, the load that these vehicles create is increasingly causing headaches for grid operators. Legacy grids that were never designed to accommodate EV's are being forced to upgrade, perhaps unnecessarily, and even smart grids are not always able to cope with the massive, unplanned spikes in demand brought on by more, large capacity, fast DC charging stations. If all petrol powered vehicles were replaced with electric, it would overload most grids on a regular basis.

EVERA (Electric Vehicles for Environmental Regenerative Action) believes the long-term solution to this problem is shared, autonomous, smart, connected, sustainable, electric mobility solutions that are more affordable and convenient than owning a personal vehicle. But even with less vehicles on the road, the excessive load on the grid still would exist. To address this issue, our solution includes distributed battery swapping stations, only for fleet vehicles, that all but eliminates long charging downtime (currently a major issue for EV fleet operators), charges the batteries slowly and sustainably during the hours when renewable energy is available and cheap (day for solar, night for wind) and if required, provides low-cost temporary grid support from the batteries to strengthen the grid when it is weak.

We are planning a pilot this year in Dubai in partnership with RTA, Dubai Taxi and Uber for the Teslas that they currently have in their ride-hailing fleet. We believe that this solution, once perfected has an incredible amount of potential for environmentally-conscious EV fleet operators around the world and we are excited to start from our home right here in Dubai. To accomplish this, we are looking for funding to help us build and test our solution. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.



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