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Our mission at ElectrIQ Power is to be the premier technology provider of reliable, affordable, and intelligent home energy storage solutions for today and tomorrow.

The ElectrIQ PowerPod, an all-in-one smart energy storage, monitoring, management, and control system for homeowners, enables communities to harness and transition to distributed, renewable energy resources by providing everything you need, from the hardware and software to the consumer financing, to be energy independent at a cheaper cost than what a utility can provide. 

The ElectrIQ PowerPod is capable of retrofitting into existing solar systems, but also can be used for new solar systems without the need for an additional solar inverter, like the Tesla Powerwall or Sonnen ecoLinx. It can also be used without solar as a stand alone product, and can be grid-tied or act as an off-grid solution. It's highly efficient and scalable compared to the competition with a 91.5% roundtrip efficiency and the ability to provide between 6 kW to 18 kW and 11 kWh and 99 kWh, which allows for a complete solution no matter the size of a home. 

Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that the ElectrIQ Intelligence software platform is optimizing their home energy efficiency and usage by controlling the solar, energy storage, and other smart devices without impacting their behavior to help reduce their energy costs. ElectrIQ Intelligence uses machine learning to optimize for cost savings by looking at a number of different variables including weather data to predict solar consumption and heating/cooling usage, historical energy consumption, utility rates, and marginal costs of battery degradation.

Using our channel software platforms, ElectrIQ Installer and ElectrIQ Fleet, installers can easily be trained, quote customers, commission, and provide customer service to their install base, something that no other energy storage provider has created. This platform also enables utilities to remotely control these systems to provide grid services, creating a Virtual Power Plant, which replaces the need for natural gas power plants with enough density.

The ElectrIQ PowerPod, in short, democratizes renewable energy ownership and creates a secure, resilient platform for the transition to renewable energy.



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