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Now, the effects of improper disposal of e-waste are very real threats and dangers to the global environment at large. E-waste, if not disposed of properly, will pile up in landfills and leach into our water, soil, and air threatening their integrity thus affecting the environment and all who rely on natural resources. 

Toxic heavy metals and non-biodegradable chemicals from e-waste are immersed into the soil and reach groundwater channels which eventually run to the surface as streams or small ponds of water that local communities depend on. Any intake of the contaminated water by humans or animals will result in lead poisoning.  

Furthermore, when these harmful chemicals make their way through the soil they enter the “soil-crop food pathway” affecting wild plant life and the crops we eat. Since these chemicals are not biodegradable – they stay within the environment for long periods of time, increasing the risk of exposure which can lead to severe health problems. 

Additionally, when heated up, either by the sun or a fire, e-waste will release hydrocarbons into the air and contribute to air pollution. So, the improper disposal of e-waste has grand effects on the environment which poses grave dangers to humans and livestock. 

For these reasons I created ElLink, Elink is an application for the smartphones to be the link between people who can sell their stock electronic components E-Waste and the companies which can recycle them.



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