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With over 71 million refugees and growing, we live in the greatest era of mass migration known to man. Current refugee camps lack access to the most essential services (clean water, electricity, education, legal information) necessary for their development.

Our vision is to empower refugees around the world to lead a prosperous life wherever they go, re-instilling hope for their future. We have developed next-generation off-grid solar-tech solutions that catalyse the transformation of stagnant refugee communities into places of opportunity and growth. Our off-grid solutions are operated by refugees (solar entrepreneurs) who enable essential services in their communities through our novel devices (water filtration, mobile phone charging, digital services, and light).

Elpis Solar (Greek for “Hope”) was born out of a direct response to the influx of refugees who have been arriving in Europe since 2015. In collaboration with a Greek solar technology company, we have developed two novel solar-powered devices. A mobile phone charging system (SolarHub), capable of powering 3600 phones/month, and a water filtration and UV disinfection system (Swapcy), providing charging (1200 phones/month) and water purification services (2000 litres/day). Furthermore, all of our units include an integrated offline educational content platform that is made available via a local WiFi hotspot. This ‘Digital-Hub’ currently contains over 250GB of educational content.

With a current proof-of-concept deployment of 11 solar systems across 6 refugee camps in Europe and Africa (Greece, Rwanda), impacting more than 30,000 people per month
we have a validated approach that if scaled up will impact the lives of millions.



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