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Our solution uses advances in technology as well as dramatically improved internet and cell phone availability to provide essential workforce training for a population struggling to escape poverty. Our approach is simple yet elegant.  Basic curriculum will provide “employability skills” in literacy, numeracy, and digital literacy.  Later we will offer somewhat more advanced training. The curriculum will be provided on intellADAPT’s proprietary platform, Brainwave Adaptive Learning Experience available on the mobile devices. The sustainability is key for the success of this innovative approach to educate and train the youth.  The program depends on the large scale deployment of adaptive online courses.  We will deploy 2 Adaptive Employability courses every quarter.  As soon as the course are deployed they will be initially funded by Making Prosperity.  Each course is expected to attract average 100,000 student per year and hence  The employability courses will also be offered to corporations for ups killing the employee as they enhance and or move to better positions. Millions of people in developing countries, uneducated and trapped in poverty, are unable to find jobs that will lift them out of poverty.  The majority of the population live in villages,rural and even in the urban areas where there is no access to literacy, numeracy and basic qualification necessary for employment. Enabled by  the breakthrough technology, IntellAdapt can provide quality education that prepares individuals for decent employment opportunity  in developing countries.  According to United Nations Development Program, human development involves both formation of human capabilities and employment of these capacities for economic development of the country. To begin, we will focus on developing countries.  We propose a sustainable and affordable education technology based solution that can create a pathway to employability education delivered by our Brainwave Adaptive 2.0 Learning platform.  Thus, providing quality education that leads to gainful employment is the best method for bridging the inequality gap and to eradicate poverty.  Countries  will have enormous potential if the human resource is trained in the emerging and growing employment market.  intellADAPT will develop an “Adaptive Employability Curriculum,” designed to provide non-formal training to students who may not finish high school and or have no pathway to obtain college degree and are at the poverty line. .  With the Employability Curriculum we will prepare this particular target segment of workers for jobs.  Using proven technology. the curriculum will teach basic competencies necessary to secure employment.The engine that underlies intellADAPT’s Adaptive Employability Curriculum not only adapts to local devices and to country-specific needs; it also renders content dynamically in the preferred learning strategy of the individual learner, resulting in better outcomes with improved comprehension, greater retention, faster completion, and decreased dropout rates.



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