Empowering displaced youth in BishanGuracha ,Ethiopia

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Due to the inter-ethnic conflict aggravated bet been the Somali and the Oromo ethnic groups in the 2017, millions of people are left homeless and vulnerable to different social and economic problems on both sides. On the Oromia side about 1.2 million people are displaced from the border area of the two regions and the town of Jigjga and has settled in different parts of the region, BishanGuracha town is one of these settlement areas that about 5,000 displaced people are settled with no food, running water, Education and job opportunity for the youth .All the people are dependent on government food aid which they are provided every month.The Youth are unemployed and have no opportunity for education and skills training which made them vulnerable to different social and economic, psychological problems.Malnutrition, exposure to drug abuse and communicable diseases, illiteracy, joblessness, violence and developing criminal behavior are some of the socio economic crises that these youth are confronting each day. Our project is intended to address t these problems that the youth is facing in this particular settlement area to have skills training, education and startup capital to enable them start their own business and ensure their economic and social independence. The project will benefit 800 displace and unemployed youth who have not gotten an opportunity to either formal education or any kind of skills training due to the displacement they have encountered so far. After beneficiary identification and selection is completed the youth will be organized in groups and given skill training education and startup capital. The beneficiaries will be organized in 10 groups having 1-5 members with in them and will be trained on their respective skill and business fields by professional trainers. These market oriented business fields are Wood work, Metal work, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Farming, Poultry, donkey cart, car wash, Tire repair and other small businesses.Beneficiaries will be selected through the participation of the community, government stakeholders; Community based organizations and staff members of the organization as per the selection criteria. Because beneficiaries are primary partners of the organization who strives for the implementation of the project and it’s sustainability. SHAPEthiopia communicates with beneficiaries through Meeting, home to home visit and during monitoring and evaluation period s. And through the established office in the area and in collaboration with government stakeholders SHAPEthiopia will monitor and evaluate the project periodically.



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