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Balkan Info (IRIS) is a digital initiative providing crisis-affected people around the Balkan region with accessible user driven information from the humanitarian community. For people affected by conflict and disaster, access to information saves lives and supports informed decision-making around the issues that impact people the most including legal issues. By leveraging comprehensive information through social media and one to one communication with moderators, Balkan Info (IRIS) gives clients the voice to ask questions and the resources to have them answered – empowering individuals to make informed decisions at the most critical moments.


Across all its instances, Balkan Info (IRIS) channels provide users with timely and context-specific information on vital needs such as legal rights and documentation, movement, and services in multiple languages. To deliver these services, Balkan Info (IRIS) has defined the following core elements of its programming:


- SERVICE MAPPING: Geo-located information on services available for survival and recovery

- INFORMATION DISSEMINATION: Adaptive, user-driven content development and delivery

- SOCIAL MEDIA MODERATION: Responsive, trusted, and secure two-way communication with communities

- LINKS TO EXISTING PROGRAMMING AND PARTNERS: Context-specific linkages and coordination with

humanitarian programs on the ground, ensuring access for user-groups requiring analog support, particularly for complex or urgent protection and legal cases.



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