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We propose three products to answer the challenge. They are POC, ZPT, and NPK. These products of ours have been proven over years to help encourage sustainable agriculture in rural areas in Indonesia.

POC is contained with lactobacillus microbe that helps soil regain its nutrients. Although it is contained with microbe, POC can still serve its purpose excellently even when mixed with other non-organic pesticides. ZPT is contained with 17 amino acids that are mixed with other elements to stimulate as well as accelerate the vegetation. Interestingly, the ZPT can be applied as well to livestock such as chicken, goats, fish, etc. Lastly is NPK. Besides 17 amino acids, NPK is also contained with high potassium to gain maximum fruit fertilization.

All those products have been clinically and practically proven and easily adaptable to any situation across Indonesian regions as it would be to other countries. When applied to 14 acres of rice fields recently with only less than 1 litre of all three products combined, we can already produce 1900 kg paddy within 110 days. Other treatment would only reach 900 kg as it is tasted as comparison.

Applying the similar treatment, we can as well boost other agricultural products like corns, long beans, sweet potatoes, etc, in relatively short period of time and a limited medium. The document attached can provide you proof of this claim (open it here:https://bit.ly/2B7tDsr ).

To overcome the loss of post harvesting, we are designing a digital platform to map supply and demand of all needs in agriculture products across the region. Thus, we can calculate the needs and subsequently prepare the supply distribution even before the harvest time. This system would prevent the stock from being wasteful as a consequence of a lack of anticipation in distribution. Recently we have successfully created similar digital platform in services, our product can be checked onwww.cokerja.com. We are optimist to be able to develop similar product designed specifically for agriculture so that farmers can access the information on the demand on certain products and get motivated to supply the demand with fresh products. For certain regions where technology is not accessible for many, the digital devices can be monitored by appointed coordinator in an information hub.

At the moment, we utilise some BUMDs in Indonesia (village-owned enterprise institutions) to create groups of rural farmers. With the help of technology, we can organise rural farmers well and empower them through excellent programs to educate them with certain skills in utilising any available medium they possess to increase their production. Some of our projects for rural farmers are including training to utilise the waste of paddy like rice straw that has high nitrogen as a substitute of a non-organic fertilizer, thus they can fully apply organic treatment for their crop. This approach can be applied well for other crops.

To sum up, through this product and approach, we can contribute to encourage sustainable agriculture not only in Indonesia but also throughout all rural farmers across the globe as the proposed solution is applicable to any given place. Furthermore, as a mid and long term outcome to be expected is significant improvement of living standard of all farmers in the world as well as their confidence and ability to empower others within their communities.



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