Empowering Women in Agricultural Markets

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Lors Thmey Farms (LTF) will increase inclusion and economic benefits for women in the production and marketing of vegetable crops in Cambodia.LTF plays a critical role in connecting smallholder farmers with urban market opportunities:

•Selling high-quality horticultural inputs to farmers through a network of micro-franchised entrepreneurs called Farm Business Advisors (FBAs),

•Supporting farmers with in-kind credit and on-site technical advice,

•Aggregating and transporting farmers’ crops for sale to premium markets.

Although 75% of Cambodian women are employed in agriculture, women still face greater barriers than men in accessing agricultural assets and information due to lower education, literacy, social standing, and mobility outside of the village. The same barriers make it more difficult for women become FBAs. Once in an FBA role, however, women perform better than male FBAs on average. This project will reduce barriers to recruit and mentor female FBAs through a business incubator program for women entrepreneurs.

Short and long-term project outcomes include:

• Increased competitiveness and comparative advantage of women vegetable producers and providers of agricultural services in rural communities that have limited trade opportunities.

• Increased integration of rural markets with the global economy through improved production standards and access to urban centers and export markets.

• Rural households build skills, assets, and resilience, enabling them to plan for their futures on their own terms (which may include exiting agriculture over time to pursue other opportunities, sectors, and geographies as Cambodia’s economy evolves from primary to secondary and tertiary industries).



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