Empowerment , scholarships and borehole.

About Solution

My solution for Innovation For Peace And Justice are:

1. Is to create enabling environment by building houses for refugees in affordable rate equivalent for free. And also create free boreholes in all the Area refugees are living in a country.

Developing the area they are and course them to see life being fare by bringing different types of entertainment investors to build Entertainment center and businesses in the environment. That may also serve as the course of employment for them. 

2. For Educational, trade/skills and Health sector.

The solution is to build schools and hospitals in every environment near refugees and issuing all the refugees with free or low cost assessment card that will enable them to have free access or low cost access for school  from nursery school to higher institution. 

It is good to  form a scholarship and empowerment program among them and pick up at least 50% out of 75% of the  refugees in a country, 25% for scholarships, 15% for empowerment and 10% for trade and skills training. Empowerment those with skills by providing them with the necessary support and training they needed in other to achieve their cold. Set up an entrepreneural initiative in other to educate them on how to become become big business owner and helpers to others. 

Health care should be free regular test and free body prevention medications. And free or low cost of treatment by respecting the assessment card. 

Also create a sanitation sector by putting wast disposal place and assigning sanitaries to go round their environment and pack their wast and make sure their environment is always clean. 



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