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Plastic dustbin liners are one of the major single-plastic uses which end up in our landfills and stays there for hundreds of years. greenBUG dustbin liners are an alternative to these plastic garbage liners.

Everybody knows the problems and disasters associated with single-use plastic. And yet, people continue using it mainly because of the inconveniences when they discontinue. Cleanliness and hygiene are real problems that nuclear urban city dwellers have to face. greenBUG is trying to make that switch easy. By bringing simple affordable options available to consumers, we make the adoption of new and responsible habits easy.

greenBUG dustbin liner is a uniquely designed alternative to the plastic liners. It is made of upcycled newspaper and starch glue. Minimal material is folded and glued together into a uniquely shaped bag. It is strong and flexible by virtue of its form design alone. Its unique design allows it to handle its job competently, fit to be placed in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or offices. After use, the bag decomposes in a few months, leaving no pollution behind. Production process and tools have been kept deliberately easy and resource light so that unskilled disadvantaged women can produce it from where ever they want. Every last greenBUG® bag is handmade by homebound women, using no electricity, chemicals or fuels.

Every greenBUG® liner represents one less plastic liner used. The Positive Environmental Impact of this fact extends right through the greenBUG® value chain, and can be gauged by the comparisons below – greenBUG® liner VERSUS Plastic liner.

  • RAW MATERIAL: greenBUG: Made by upcycling used and discarded newspaper VERSUS Plastic liner: Made from petroleum fractions
  • ENERGY USE IN PRODUCTION: greenBUG: Completely handmade using up no electricity or fuels VERSUS Plastic liner: Massive continuous process that is fully automated and consumes huge amounts of expensive energy.
  • PRODUCT IMPACT: greenBUG: Readily decomposes in natural environment into harmless organic matter in just a few months VERSUS Plastic liner

The product also has global relevance. greenBUG® aims to become a household name with a product-line that makes eco-friendly living easy. We are also working on new product lines which too will make plastic-free living easy. A special designed cloth bag has been recently launched after a successful pilot. We are now working on design of a leaf-based product to combat the single-use-plastic in city life.



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