End hunger and poverty in Wadi Suhaib

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 To establish the independence of the agricultural land located in Wadi Suhaib and to dig artesian wells and provide solar water pumps to enable people to use ground water to cultivate the land in all kinds of agricultural crops such as cereals, vegetables and some fruit. This helps to create sustainable employment opportunities for unemployed women and men. As well as the cultivation of orange trees, manga, papaya and bananas to become dependent on the people in their sources of food on the products of their hands (we eat from planting) , The local market is fed with all kinds of vegetables and fruits, and this project helps to end poverty in terms of giving all the people of Wadi Suhaib the opportunity to  raise animals such as cattle, flocks and cows, on which they rely almost entirely on their sources of livelihood. We decided to seek funding for the independence of this land and the benefit of groundwater and digging wells to become this land planted over the coming years, and for agriculture where it keeps to implement this idea and digging wells and provide Pumps are equipped with solar energy system to feed the agricultural land with ground water so that the people can grow it. Thus, we can feed the local market with all kinds of vegetables and fruits, as well as provide sustainable employment opportunities for all the residents, as well as the citizens depend on their food.

If this project is approved, we are ready to provide you with a detailed plan for Wadi Suhaib and the entire project




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