End of Children's hard working

About Solution

Child labor is a global challenge more then million children are forcibly doing hard work.

During work time they misuse. They do not have right to defense from their law. They continue their work against of labor law. This is a big challenge today more then million dollars are donating to these children’s families for changing their life situation but by passing everyday amount of labor child are increasing day by day.

If we collect world wildly 187 million labor child that more than half of them do not have access to education.

Afghanistan is a country which has more than six million labor child that they are do not have access to education, more than these children are going to misuse during work time.

Our school is publishing to help these children by providing them save environment for education with high education standard and with well qualified bachelor teachers and, besides paying amount of salary to support them not to obligate to engage in hard working.

The advantage and benefits which this school create is completely different both from structural and assisting side from others Schools and Organizations which works in this filed.



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